Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG)

Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG) is a National journal managed by the institution of Sekolah Tinggi Teologi KADESI Yogyakarta.

The Aim of Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG)

The publication of the  Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG) aims to disseminate ideas and research results related to religious studies and Christian Religious Education.


Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG) is a double-blind reviewer and open access peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the novelty of theology, biblical exegesis, and Christian service and education practices through quantitative and qualitative research (religious studies, hermeneutics, argumentative, and case studies). This journal publishes original articles, reviews, and also interesting case reports. Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG) Started from: Volume 1 No. 1 Desember 2020 .

Our Journal's Scope:
1. Development of theology and religion
2. Bible Interpretation
3. Biblical Study
4. Educational Science Research
5. Christian Education Research
6. Christian Ethics
7. Pastoral Practice
8. Old Testament and New Testament Hermeneutics

Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG)

Judul Jurnal : Jurnal Teologi (JUTEOLOG)
Frekuensi : 2 times a year
DOI Prefix : /10.52489/juteolog
P-ISSN : 2774-9355
E-ISSN : 2775-4006
Indexed : Google Scholar et. all
URL : https://ejurnal.sttkadesiyogyakarta.ac.id/index.php/juteolog/
Penerbit : Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Kadesi Yogyakarta
Editor-in-chief : Prof. Drs. Kristian H Sugiarto, M.Sc. Ph.D
Associate Editor : Dr. Sri Wahyuni, M.Th., M.Pd.K

Assoiate Editor: Hana Suparti

Mailing Address

Weron Umbulharjo, Cangkringan Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Principal Contract

Nama          :  Junio Richson Sirait

Email           :  [email protected]

WhatsApp  : 0858-4277-6956